My Weekend In Paris



I’ve done it again.


Dropped entirely off the radar, that is.


Not that it has made much of a difference to any of you.


But I would like to think that someone has noticed.


If you didn’t notice, please don’t say anything.


I like to live in a dream world.


Which reminds me, did I mention that I spent a weekend in Paris?



Really.  I actually spent a weekend in Paris.


I need to repeat myself because this is not the norm for me.


Normally I say things like “I spent the weekend in Manteca.”


For those who are not from the Bay Area, Manteca is a perfectly nice central valley town that is a bit of a destination for baseball players as they have a very nice baseball complex with very many fields.


It isn’t much like Paris, though.


Anyway, I actually did spend a weekend in Paris.  I went there because my husband, the world traveler, was on an extended multi-city business trip in Europe, and, quite simply, he did not want to come home and find that I had literally died of envy.  So he arranged for me to join him in the middle, over a weekend during which he actually did not have to do too much work.


In Paris.  He arranged for me to join him in Paris.


I love my husband.


This was a sentimental trip for us.  He also arranged for the same thing on our honeymoon.  We went to London, and he arranged for a surprise few days in Paris.


I love Paris.


I plan to go on and on about how much I love Paris on another day.


But for now, let’s just say that I have not been too interested in blogging because I have been:  A) Getting Ready For Paris; B) Going to Paris; and C) Recovering From Going To Paris.


I know.  I kind of hate me, too.



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  1. Sally, I have been following your entertaining blog lately. Lucky you for going to Paris. Maureen and I went earlier this year (for my 50th). Were gone only a total of 5 days, with 3 full days there. I still thought it was great.

    Say hi to Scott for me!

  2. Cy — It really is the most wonderful city, isn’t it? I got there Friday afternoon and left Monday morning (Scott had already left for Milan on Sunday afternoon) and it was absolutely worth the time and effort to get there and back. It helped that I had been a few times before, so didn’t feel the frantic need to “see things” and could just enjoy the experience.

    You have planted an idea, though. I am turning 50 in a few years …. Maybe another trip?

    Thanks for following me!


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