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My Weekend In Paris



I’ve done it again.


Dropped entirely off the radar, that is.


Not that it has made much of a difference to any of you.


But I would like to think that someone has noticed.


If you didn’t notice, please don’t say anything.


I like to live in a dream world.


Which reminds me, did I mention that I spent a weekend in Paris?



Really.  I actually spent a weekend in Paris.


I need to repeat myself because this is not the norm for me.


Normally I say things like “I spent the weekend in Manteca.”


For those who are not from the Bay Area, Manteca is a perfectly nice central valley town that is a bit of a destination for baseball players as they have a very nice baseball complex with very many fields.


It isn’t much like Paris, though.


Anyway, I actually did spend a weekend in Paris.  I went there because my husband, the world traveler, was on an extended multi-city business trip in Europe, and, quite simply, he did not want to come home and find that I had literally died of envy.  So he arranged for me to join him in the middle, over a weekend during which he actually did not have to do too much work.


In Paris.  He arranged for me to join him in Paris.


I love my husband.


This was a sentimental trip for us.  He also arranged for the same thing on our honeymoon.  We went to London, and he arranged for a surprise few days in Paris.


I love Paris.


I plan to go on and on about how much I love Paris on another day.


But for now, let’s just say that I have not been too interested in blogging because I have been:  A) Getting Ready For Paris; B) Going to Paris; and C) Recovering From Going To Paris.


I know.  I kind of hate me, too.



Live Long And Prosper