Long Time, No See


Ok.  I admit it.  I dropped the ball.


It has been a while since you heard from me.


You probably hadn’t noticed.


What have I been doing?   Umm.  I don’t exactly know.  I mean, I’ve been conscious most of the time, and I haven’t suffered any sort of blow to the head or trauma induced amnesia or anything.  But I still can’t really come up with a super compelling list of really obvious achievements that have kept me from my newish blogging endeavor.  Nor can I even come up with an uncompelling list.


I’ve just been busy.


Right this moment, I feel the way you do when you are a stay at home mom (which I am) and people who have known you to work in the past  say things like “Now what do you do with all of your time?”  or “What have you found to keep yourself busy?”


I just love when people say stuff like this to me.


Especially older people.  For some reason, older people say this a lot.


And people who don’t have kids.  Maybe the old people who say these things are just far enough away from having kids that they don’t remember what it was like when they were raising them.  The people who don’t have kids just don’t have any idea.


They don’t know the secret.


Kids are black holes.  They can suck in all of the energy around them and it just disappears.  They can rip a hole in the time/space continuum.  They can bring matter and anti-matter together which can cause an explosion that endangers the very existence of the universe.  You know, all that stuff that happened on Star Trek.


I’m no Carl Sagen.  But I know this is true.


Luckily, kids only have this impact on their own parents.


It isn’t just the kids, though.  It is everything that comes with them.  It is the soccer practices and the batting lessons and the homework and the school paperwork and the grown out clothes and the new clothes they need and the stories they want to tell you and the stories they don’t want to tell you and the playdates and the heart breaks and the pierced ears and the new bikes and the name calling and the squabbling and the tattling and the messy rooms and the picked up rooms and the school lunches and the forgotten PE clothes and the achievements and the failures…


I had better stop.  That sentence is a run on.


It also might, in itself, cause a rip in the time/space continuum.


Oh, wait.  It already has.  Suddenly it is time  to go pick up my daughter from school.


To be continued …


… in  Long Time, No See II, wherein I describe why it is absolutely worth every moment of intergalactic instability because having kids is the best thing on earth.


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