Ode To Summer


I write this Ode to Summer as I wonder where it went.
The kids head back to school soon, yet I don’t know how it was spent!

‘Course there was some beach time, and a mountain visit, too,
And hanging at the pool, and “We’re bored!  What can we do?”

A large part spent on softball, oft many games a day,
And also lots of baseball, with All-Stars dressed in grey.

Instead of being scheduled, we’ve stayed up late at night,
And then, of course, we slept in late, and rising was a fight.

And then we all were crabby, both the kids and me,
And Scott came home and wondered “What can the problem be?”

He still worked, ‘near every day, and missed most o’ the fun,
And yet he came home to find that WE were grumpy when day was done.

The kids and I, we really see the familiarity and contempt thing,
And I, myself, have often found the idea of running away tempting!

You see, they fight, my kids, they do!  For all the live long day,
And really, they don’t listen to a single word I say!

“Pick up your clothes, go brush your teeth, please leave your sib alone!”
Clothes on the floor, teeth nearly green, and fighting danger zone!

I love my kids, I really do!  But sometimes I just think
I can’t make it through the day with them without a good stiff drink!

So Summer, I am happy to see your tail end go!
Off to school with the kids!  Back to the status quo!

Summer, I won’t miss ya’, with your fighting and malaise,
I won’t miss us all being home and all those cranky days!

Good riddance to you and to my kids, who really chap my hide.
I will not miss them nor will I the sass I can’t abide.

They will head off to school and their friends they haven’t seen,
And maybe I will find the time to get my house all clean.

And catch up on the laundry — I let it go for weeks.
‘Cuz we were all out having fun, with sun upon our cheeks.

I guess we did have some good times, now that I really think.
We laughed and talked, and there were times when we were all in sync.

We played some games, we sang some songs.  It really was a blast!
Oh, I love my kids so very much!  Why can’t the summer last?


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    • Michelle — I do agree, it has gone so quickly, especially because Scott and I were in Spain (without the kids) the first part of the summer. Didn’t it used to be that summer seemed to go on forever? Really, how can school start on August 15? It is just wrong!!

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