And Now You Are A Man


Today our oldest son, Kevin, turns 21.  It hardly seems possible.

This was how Kevin looked when Scott and I got married.

I love this picture.

This is how Kevin looks now.

Well, most of the time.  He doesn’t always wear the sombrero.

Actually, this expression is usually reserved just for us.

The rest of the time he looks more like this.

Kevin is a great kid.   I guess I should say “man.”   That doesn’t sound right, either.    Kevin is a great guy.   That’s better.  Anyway, we are very proud of him.  He is very smart, he works very hard, and he is very passionate about the things he loves.  Kevin is uniquely his own person, and I don’t think I have ever known anyone that is more true to his own internal compass.


Kevin is studying to become a video game designer.  He is very creative, and he even has authored his own web comic.


Kevin is also a big softy.   He is a sucker for animals, even those to which he is allergic.   I think it still bothers him to see characters die in books and movies.


And he is a great big brother.  Ashley says he is special because he will always cuddle with her.


Kevin held a special place in the heart of his grandmother, Scott’s mother.  They loved each other to bits.  Unfortunately, she did not live to see Kevin turn into a man.  But I can say with certainty, that if she had, she would be unbelievably proud of the man he is today.


That’s right, Kevin.  And now you are a man.


Happy birthday, Kev.  We love you and are very proud of you!


Dad and Sally

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  1. It doesn’t seem possible that Kevin is 21 years old today (of course, it doesn’t seem possible I could be as old as I am either). Kevin was always a very inquisitive boy with tremendous focus. If there was something he was interested in, he would learn everything he could about that subject. At the same time, if he wasn’t interested, he truly wasn’t interested. It was (and usually still is) very difficult to get Kevin to consider something he didn’t find to be interesting on his own.

    Sally did a great job of describing who Kevin is. He has also grown up to be a very responsible, conscientious, and hard working young man. We are all very proud of him and his accomplishments, and know he will do great things with his life. Happy Birthday Kevin!


  2. What a great tribute. I can’t believe Kevin is 21. I hope he had a great birthday but with parents like you I’m sure he did.

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